Changming Yuan Poems




The Mouse, A Mouse


if the little mouse became

as boundless as the sky as it wishes


the sky would become

as free as a cloud


the cloud

as powerful as a wind


and if the wind became

as unshakable as a wall


the wall would become

as penetrating as a mouse


and the little mouse

a mouse







Changming Yuan authored several books before emigrating out of China, holds a PhD in English and currently teaches writing in Vancouver. Yuan's poems (are to) appear in Barrow Street, Best Canadian Poetry (2009), the Cortland Review, Exquisite Corpse, the London Magazine and over 200 other literary publications worldwide. He has recently received two nominations for a Pushcart Prize. Yuan's first collection (Chansons of a Chinaman) and monograph (Politics and Poetics) have both been released recently.




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