Stefi Weisburd Poems




DNA Archeology Peoples the Americas


Blood is blood.

Behind the blood is a molecule

that is an historical document.


We are each marked

by an alphabet of long noses, squat

a perambulation of glyphs. Our mothers’


mitochondria drift, bookmarking

our comings and goings. We had

a long way to trudge


and it changed us

even when we weren¹t lost

following the maps


we found on our palms.

Suddenly we were wearing

lab coats and playing bocce ball, feeling


superior with our blood

syringes and centrifuges, going

back, back through the tunnels


of linguistics, using

the doctrine of echoes

to discover who we are.





Stefi Weisburd's The Wind-Up Gods won the St. Lawrence Book Prize. She is also the author of Barefoot, a collection of poems for children from Wordsong (2008).


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