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“Quick, Quick, Said The…”


We walked by tallow-light;

We warmed ourselves;

We walked by gallows bright;

We warned ourselves;

The air was breathable as before

But not by our bodies’

On their way

To ecstasy:

Outside their


The experience was


An agonizing


It’s not the

Start of spring;


In my mind’s eye

I see crocuses;

There is no buck

Unless a young stud strides by;

There is no bloom

Though there are cactuses

So in several weeks

There’ll be pink.






Adam Strauss has poems forthcoming in Drunken Boat, the Colorado Review, and

Fence.  As well, he as a chapbook, Address, out with Scantily Clad Press.

Poets whose work he daily adores include Gwendolyn Brooks and George Herbert.



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