Linnea Ogden Poems




Katherine Nash Gallery


The color of each car is named in passing

The strapping & unstrapping of the seats


Andy Goldsworthy could use the locust leaves

Pressed in the gutter.  A poor parking job


Each event continues after my arrival


The mousetraps are a little cleaner each morning

But if I touch them with a nail, they spring


To go to openings with children is to suffer

Get lost, freeway.  We know the side streets


It can be so refreshing to take out the screens


Now I will go to clubs (I have never gone to clubs)

Now I will be young (I have never been young)


What’s the difference between a mother & Bob Ross

The hands are shriveled, held near the cheeks


Maybe no one’s given you any lanolin yet




Linnea Ogden is an MFA candidate at Brown University.  Her writing has appeared in Gulf Coast and will appear soon in Pleiades and Heliotrope.


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