Kevin McLellan Poems




Remarks on Nomenclature


That their beauty would save me:


I never had the chance to share this

thought with any of them. As if

they knew of this responsibility


and fled: tomahawk-like desire returns.




100’s of birds (species unknown) land


on this leafless tree (species also unknown)

outside my (Homosapien Caucasoid) window.

They are ravenous this Veteran’s Day:  


to save oneself alongside others.   




That your pheromones…


I never had the chance to share this

thought with him because I don’t know

which he emits said aroma? 


As if he knew his smell…     




After those who’ve fled, to settle


for what one can get. Beyond to be

saved is to risk. Random flesh

inside random flesh:  


to save oneself alongside others.





MFA graduate of Vermont College, and instructor of poetry workshops at The Cambridge Center for Adult Education, Kevin McLellan has recent or forthcoming poems in journals including: Arabesque Review, Barrow Street, BLOOM, Exquisite Corpse, Konundrum Engine Literary Review, MiPoesias, and others. He lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.



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