Karen Lepri Poems




Observations of the Grass Farmer


the tyranny of water and carbon

these matted roots     thin and diligent

in germinal haste


ask the green stalk

                                                   why now           why bow to me

                     as if I               queen of dirt                           as if I

     mogul of fescue                      timothy                          clover


the paradox of


humus             too much of both death

and life            to secrete milk

of sun              to grow claws from residue


earth’s muscle    faceted from

communities       impossible to poll


a stem bends       for many different reasons








For now the divide knows        For now it tells the river which way

And other clues—

Ants dedicated in a small

Stream of sand in the grass     and the minute bowing of blades as they

Wrest each set of legs     forward & forward


Or, also true, a trout that moves into   

Pushes against his watery partner  


Building a heat of ages

Ice combs


Or the difference between a stabled and a wild

Horse    heath spent & heath captured


—All known     garnered     memorized


But if the field shifted

As they often do:     Early monsoons     Late canaries        


Or the eleventh hour of a farmer’s crop plan         

Half safflower     Half soy


So soldierly we would trail     So struck in the field


And if the rules of magnetism were bent to favor small


Children joining in a game of

Copper strands     Baled manganese     Iron pills


And one mineral went missing        


What then     What would it






Karen Lepri's poems have appeared in 42 Opus and Best New Poets 2006. Karen lives in Boston where she writes and works as an editor.  She will be a student in Brown University's MFA program in Poetry in the fall of 2009. She is also Assistant Poetry Editor of Inertia. She has two food blogs called The Urban Kale and The Vegetables Project.



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