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from “elsewhere”



There are words / / like: lividity / / for every step of the way / the body / / of hypothetical offspring would putrefy— / / The way moths are breeding moths behind amber bales of hay— / How they wait to devour / / the simulation / / of youth & sunshine / in what remains of your French braid. / / Rorschached shadowland apparitions of the butterflies / you called: flutterbys / /  as an child, gone / / since 1986 / / in the sense of the seven / years it takes our bodies to replace marrow— / / Unremembered as ice cream stains on a yellow Easter dress / partitioned into dishrags / / & acerbic kindling—







from “elsewhere”



And I/d like to videotape this honeybee / in the hospice / /
of our windowsill— / / The accordion pulse of his torso—
/  The Saigon ceiling fan flutterings of spastic opal wings—
/ / But there/s no dancing vacancy of snow / left on what/
s left / / of twelve recordings of us—  / Analog formats of
 tape long since discontinued. / / And I can/t bring myself
 to replace / / softer versions of us / outside New Orleans
 before the flood, hoarding / / plasma from mosquitoes / in
a rusty pickup / / long since converted to scrap metal— / /
 Reborn as knives to puncture the very nourishment dormant
/ in the bodies we make love with. / / Call us: stardust. / /
 Wormfood. / / Starfood. / / Brainless invertebrates / / won/
t make it thru mahogany. / It/s the tiny things that thrive
 everywhere within us / / who will devour what/s let of us//
 when the world without us / wakes up for work / / without
 a hiccup.





Scott Alexander Jones is the author of a collection of poems: “One Day There Will Be Nothing to Show That We Were Ever Here” (Bedouin Books, 2009). He holds an MFA from The University of Montana and was Writer-in-Residence at The Montana Artists Refuge during October of 2009. He is co-founder of the literary journal Zero Ducats and releases music as Surgery in the Attic.



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