Adam Fagin Poems




From Vaulted Forms



like a lark we must speak

through—an underground shopping mall

at which the mind arrives

known as bright green oval

known as snow-white brick

everything will happen

the way we remember it




if two facts separate

a body ‘into which being enters’

what’s a body emptied of ‘the sky

in the back of someone’s  mind’

I woke and there I was

breakfast on the table

flagpole hurtling through the mind

time protrudes too big to understand

hummingbird’s jigsaw flight




let’s imagine

we’ve profited by its faint light

we must replace ourselves

with duration—bound by certainty

we don’t regard ourselves

as elsewhere in another time

two facts describe a space

we imagine the difference is intuition

sea means memory

at which the mind arrives

like a bird

we must sleep through

white-hot center cold circumference






Adam Fagin lives and studies in San Francisco.  His work is forthcoming in Fence and other journals, and he is a founding editor of textsound, an online audio journal of experimental poetry and sound.



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