Charlie Curry Poems



deconstructing the Wesleyan Quadrilateral


                                                                                    who do you say I am?” – Mark 7:9




consider tidy reason


equations --

if – and – therefore

display only that which can be articulated


the certainty of formulae

demotes unsettled issues


to the spaces between factors

where questions grow






or follow

written word down dusty steps


past fragrant paper in cracked

leather bound books


ancient narratives

stitched together


grey clay tablets                                                                                 

meanings fragmented, fluid






or heft tradition


heavy from time

brittle from practice


repetition met with nothing

resembles agreement


but does not quell the

whispering from shadows






let the questions drive you

let unlanguagable light

break in, lift out


(though they are ever drawn back

to the unfinished present

the massive heart

of the present ”)



let them   push you   forward

again and again:

the interrogative

that will not un-ask itself




Charlie Curry is a founding member of Nerve Poets, a small group of poets and writers, since 2002.  He has published in a church magazine, The Herald, and on 2013, his poems appeared in the Minnesota Zoo quarterly newsletter. Charlie won the 2012 Dakota County Library Poetry Contest. He is a retired minister for the Community of Christ and continues to be active in interfaith activities in the Twin Cities




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