James Belflower Poems




From The Telescope Apartments





—filters laughter

to this patio


engines over

press the hollow walkways


as if laughter split

that dust & shocked thread


in shingles     mouths

gravel          fat bandwidth

the plane envelopes:



       lawn         enclosures identical to the end

               of eye


                of dense tendon









common frame

intimate the emptiness

in & out


sod arrives in rectangles

they arrange it from the base of our low

white wall



you are sauteeing beef for Bolognese

in the warm kitchen


they finished hours ago


you are full


in weeks the rye will join

cease to be singular

for that moment





we bought it yesterday the neighbor

made shooting sounds

behind his screen door at our dachshund

and Jessica


the dealer assured it was stainless and polymer

but how frail it curls

low and protruding through the panty drawer





The moment your beautiful in front of the lemon trees


white belts

up to the ocher and green



of space



       occupies us


as through those branches

heavy with lemons


gesticulate with sheer stillness


a ‘principle of their series’



trickling to this present

this showcase




you pause

but there must be something further back

must be






away from pithy









James Belflower’s work appears or is forthcoming in: Jacket, 580 Split, EOAGH, LIT, First Intensity, Abovo, and Cricket Online Review, among others. And Also a Fountain, his collaborative chapbook with Anne Heide and J. Michael Martinez, is forthcoming from NeOPepper Press. He was a finalist for the 2008 Sawtooth Poetry Prize and the National Poetry Series Competition. He runs PotLatchPoetry.org, a site dedicated to the free exchange of poetry books, journals, chapbooks and ephemera.



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