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Over It



The sky is over it,

barbed with inchoate shadow,

also over it, the fog blathering its damp niceties

to an indifferent wind;

Over it: retribution, avoiding this

refined grain or that, the pretty much


Will always be: Over it.

Will never be again: So over it.

Although we swore it wouldn’t, at some point

the whole thing just stopped.






What I Recall From the Afterlife


The stun.

The waking.

Night after night after night

after night after.

The dead-end street,

the sterile lake.

The half-lit,

penumbral stars.

The keeping.

The endlessness.

The hushed,

apparent world.

Weeds bent lengthwise

along the wet road.







Robyn Art grew up in Lincoln, Massachusetts, hometown of the band "They Might Be Giants." She's  the author of The Stunt Double In Winter (Dusie Press 2008) which was selected as a Finalist for the 2005 Sawtooth Poetry Prize.  Recent work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Denver Quarterly, Coconut, The Burnside Review, WordFor/Word, The Illanot Review, The New Guard, and  LaPetiteZine.  Currently she lives with her family in Matawan, New Jersey, hometown of the infamous Matawan Creek shark attacks which inspired the "Jaws" movies.






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