Jen Currin and Bill Stobb Poems




Poem of Reconstruction by Bill Stobb


                          for Spoon Bridge and Cherry

                          by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje Van Bruggen



adolescent weathers traffic debris                             


the present: one                    cherry looking never


lost: what


balance                                in high winds


degrees intensify  


a spoon                                   of difficulty


when detail as loose


wrappers bags and dirt rides


current stories up into                                     renovation


architecture’s aging                                     garden


the sky                                                                 closed          


rearranges flower boxes


in the face of front-loaders                             


foreground gold sky four                    construction’s orange


stories down to street                                     


level scene one                    illegal


teenage wind and site refuse teenage


lovers beyond               trouble


garden views                      yellow




               tape      needle


spoon         (name the baby)                 spoon


debris shard of broken                                               


streetlamp                                                           of many


imprints the play of many                         


swallows                             (cherry)                              troubles






Bill Stobb Poem translated by Jen Currin


Naming the Bridge


                                    --for Cherry



Looking in high winds—

hinge and creak.


Difficult detail: the present.

Intensify: the gold.


Aging sky.

Now it is loose, begging

your pardon.


She makes a space to live in.

Now she lifts the spoon.


Lost: what.

Adolescent gardens. Debris.


Humming a walk.

A lamp. Illegal.


Enlightenment: many, often




to swallow

the bridge.


Now she lifts the spoon.

Detail: not gold.


Like orange boxes:

“Let’s unpack the sky.”



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